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University Outreach’s most vital direct mail recruiting tools are the Search Piece and Viewbook. Fresno State is a university in the heart of California that combines robust academics with cutting-edge technology and believes in boldly educating and empowering students for success. These print pieces highlight the benefits and opportunities that Fresno State has to offer. Fresno State has eight academic schools and colleges, offers 62 bachelor’s, 45 master’s and 3 doctorate degrees, as well as 50 credentials, over 40 certificates and over 30 nationally accredited programs with abundant undergraduate and graduate research projects, preparing students for a multitude of careers in the region and around the world.

Fresno State Search Piece

The designs convey information in a visually fun experience. Organized into easy to read sections to identify the schools and colleges on campus, items of interest in the area and important contact information. Subtle touches offer points of pride in achieving success not only in academics, but also in athletics. Overall, the pieces create a powerful impact through visuals and infographics.

All of these graphics were designed while employed at California State University, Fresno.

Fresno State Viewbook

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