Fresno State Pinnacle Society Dinner
Pinnacle Invite

Fresno State Pinnacle Society
Invitation & Program Design

The Pinnacle Society is devoted to honoring individuals whose years of thoughtful and generous contributions have made a distinct difference in education at Fresno State. Pinnacle Founders are the philanthropic pioneers who have given $100,000 or more during their lifetimes to enhance academics, assist students, build facilities and advance other Fresno State programs.

This specific Pinnacle Society Dinner was the defining moment for our new university president, as it was the launching point of his investiture at Fresno State.

The Pinnacle Society Dinner invitation was printed on a pearlescent stock and is contrasted by Fresno State’s red and blue colors. The presidential color scheme sought to pay tribute to the new president. The blue foil adds a subtle touch of elegance to the event name and overall themed pattern. On the reverse, The Pinnacle Society’s distinct Ansel Adams "Moon and Half Dome" seal is set off in blue foil with the similar patterned background border to capture the focus of the audience. The information that follows is stylized in a simple yet easy to read format with emphasis on date, time and place.

All of these graphics were designed while employed at California State University, Fresno.